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John Ambrose - Retrospectives

Choir Music - John Ambrose Final Service

 TitleCategoryModified DateDescription 
All That We AreHymn6/30/2016 Download
This is Our Father's WorldHymn6/30/2016 Download
Precious LordHymn6/30/2016 Download
Praise the Lord with the Sound of TrumpetsHymn6/30/2016 Download
One More Step Along the World I GoHymn6/30/2016 Download
One Bread, One BodyAnthem6/30/2016 Download
Lord's PrayerHymn6/30/2016Sung AntiphonallyDownload
Jesus, What a Wonderful ChildAnthem6/30/2016 Download
Irish BlessingHymn6/30/2016 Download
I'll Walk the LineSong6/30/2016Ron Break VersionDownload
Here I Am LordHymn6/30/2016 Download
Evening is Here NowHymn6/30/2016 Download
Eat this BreadHymn6/30/2016 Download
Down to the River to PrayAnthem6/30/2016 Download
Choir AnthemAnthem6/30/2016When one voice joins another we call it a duet, with three its a called a trio...Download
Canticle of PraiseAnthem6/30/2016 Download
Three ThingsAnthem6/30/2016Nicolette, Paula, Suzanne, RonDownload
We Are OneHymn6/30/2016 Download