Faith United Milton    

Welcomes You    


Mission Statement

Faith United Milton is committed to praising the Lord, spreading the Word, and loving our neighbours – in our community and beyond; giving of ourselves that we may grow in faith and be blessed by the spirit of God.

Our Vision

Our approach is to be service-based and outreach-oriented while taking a fresh inspirational approach to spiritual growth & offering varied worship styles. We will be vibrant and creative but respectful of our past traditions. We want to dedicate our energies & resources to the service to God & the community and beyond.  We follow the United Church liturgy and some fashion of the Order of Service.

Where & When We Gather

Faith United Milton services are held Sundays at 10 a.m. in the Masonic Hall, 6321 Regional Road 25, Milton.  Generally, there are no services scheduled during July & August.

Getting the Word Out

Communication is the way to keep everyone informed.  We need help with spreading the word to others about what Faith United Milton is all about.  If you have a Twitter or Facebook account or if you have a Blog or other forum that you participate in please communicate our message to the public by sharing our announcements, pictures, or website.