Faith United Milton Cares  


Faith United Milton meets at the Masonic Hall, at 6321 Regional Road 25, just south of Louis St. Laurent Ave., in Milton. Faith United Milton rents the Masonic Hall for worship and other events from the St. Clair Masonic Lodge. Other than landlord and tenant, as well as good neighbours, there is no affiliation between Faith United Milton and the Masons. Originally, the building was the Bowes United Church, which was sold to the Masons in 1958. Faith United Milton appreciates the use of this historic building.


Building History

This local Methodist congregation began meeting in 1827 in private homes, but by 1835 it had grown too large and Joseph Bowes and his neighbour John Willmott built a frame building on the southwest corner of the Bowes farm. It was known as Bowes Methodist Church, later becoming the Bowes United Church after the Methodist-Presbyterian Union in 1925. By the 1950s however, membership was dwindling and the congregation amalgamated with other churches in the area. In 1958 the church building was sold to the St. Clair Masonic Lodge Association.

Bowes Cemetary

The original cemetery for Bowes Church is situated immediately to the south of the building and includes about 200 graves. The cemetery is managed by the United Church of Canada.