Faith United Milton Cares  


We like to describe ourselves as a mission charge with a church service.  That's how important Outreach is to Faith.  We focus on local and global causes as chosen by the congregation.

Some of our outreach initiatives are listed on the left.  Click on the item and it will link you to a page with further information.  Please get in touch with us through the Contact Us if you are interested in helping.

Shirley is volunteering at an organization called “No One Goes Hungry” in Halton.  This group is preparing and delivering meals out of the Connect Center in Milton, for those less fortunate in Acton, Georgetown, Milton and Oakville.  They are currently inviting anyone who might be looking for a volunteer opportunity to do back up for basic cooking, and meal delivery.  No experience necessary, just willing hands to help others.

Twice yearly the Outreach Committee invites a charity to provide the message at the church service.   One service will highlight a local charity and the other a global.



Our Faith family once again showed their generosity and caring, this time toward the staff at Milton District Hospital. The dedication displayed by all hospital workers coping with the pandemic protocol while providing care to those in need has not been taken for granted. We, at Faith have shown our gratitude by  giving  $1,000 to allow all staff a Cup of Love in the form of a coffee at the Tim Horton’s outlet.